Drapery Styles

The craftsmanship of Drapery is centuries old

We stay true to the fine art of drapery using modern technology

Inverted Box Pleat Valance Over Drapery

Adds depth to any room with environmental protection and with classic meets modern design

Sheers with Side Panels

The versatility of privacy and light.

A Fabric Shade On A Door

The door treatment is consistent with widow treatment allowing light and privacy.


Sheers create a soft light in the room.  Sheers are know as the glass curtain.

A quality sheer will last 15-to-20 years.

Rod Pocket (no ruffle)

A hollow sleeve on the top or sometimes the bottom of a curtain or drapery through which a rod is inserted.

Smocked Heading

A heading consisting of a honeycomb effect.

Grommet On Decorative Rod

A ring that is sewn into the top of the drapery, and mounted on a rod.


Tab Header

Created from tabs of fabric at the top of the drapery though which a rod is inserted

Decorative Rod with Rings

Rings fastened to the top of the drapery mounted on a decorative rod.


A curation heading having a series of tubes that are with padding.


Pencil Pleat

A heading for a curtain which is formed by a drapery construction tape, where as when drawn up it creates a column of tightly pack folds.

Pinch Pleat

A drapery heading where the basic pleat is divided into two or three smaller equal pleats sown together on the bottom edge face side of the fabric.

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